Top Gun Screening at Habana Outpost

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It may not be Citizen Kane, but no other movie successfully toes the line between giant summer blockbuster and emblematic time capsule quite like 1985’s Top Gun. Released smack-dab in the middle of the Reagan years, Top Gun’s extreme pro-military stance might not hold up, but the fact that it’s being screened in one of Brooklyn’s most liberal and progressive enclaves only highlights how much fun it really is. (It’s also worth mentioning that this movie launched Tom Cruise from a teen idol to A-list status, long before he started espousing the virtues of Scientology and jumping on talk-show couches.) Habana Outpost’s Fort Greene spot is arguably one of the best places to be in Brooklyn in the summer, thanks in large part to its great food and super chill vibe. So grab a wingman and a mojito, |and sit back to watch one of the best escapist movies ever made.


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