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Why dating in NYC is the best (seriously)

A longtime local (now happily married) defends the craziness of finding love, lust or what have you in Gotham

For decades, movies and television shows have perpetuated the myth that dating in NYC sucks—and, more pointedly, that the plight of the single woman in NYC is equal parts heartbreaking and hilarious. But if Girls is your barometer for the realities of New York dating, it’s time to invest in a new barometer—and perhaps find a real job.

I’m not saying that the city isn’t filled with its fair share of annoying weirdos, neurotic postgrads, girls who find urination sexy and dudes who are way into booze. It is. (I had a first date with a guy who’d just broken his arm and, unable to cut his food, got wasted by sipping many, many margaritas through a straw.) But that’s part of what makes it awesome.

It’s true that there are more single women than there are single men, and it’s also true that there are more women in New York, period. But statistically, things are looking up for straight single females: The amount by which they outnumber their male counterparts has shrunk by 25 percent over the past five years.

But here’s the real litmus test: Would you rather be available in, say, Boise, Idaho, than here? Do people even date there? The reason you chose to live in NYC is the reason why dating here is so exciting: Anything can happen. I was a bad dater, famous for announcing my boredom and suggesting we call the whole thing off. But that actually helped me bond with my now-husband. Our perverse sense of humor, fondness for four-letter words and intolerance of annoying people made us a great match. If anything, NYC is the city for finding such matches.

You can’t walk down the street without literally bumping into the person that could be your next great love (or dalliance). The woman you split a cab with could end up being the future Mrs. You, or you could spend one impassioned night with the taxi driver. And if that relationship goes bust and you feel down, remember that you’re in the best city to find someone new. Just sit back and enjoy the ride (pun intended).

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This post makes me irrationally angry. After 3 years here, I am actually considering moving away from NYC because attempting to find a S.O. in this city has basically made me a crazy person who's lost all faith in the decency of humanity. Dating in New York ruins lives.


I'm a little offended by this article and how you talked about Boise, ID, being boring and not if people even date here! I'm from here and have lived all over the country and it's pretty cool place to be. I know it's a totally different world than NYC, and NYC is a cool city. Just wanted to get that out there and say that Boise is cool too.