Driving in NYC

If you drive to NYC, consider leaving your car in a garage. Street parking is problematic and car theft not unheard of. Garages are expensive but ...

If you drive to NYC, consider leaving your car in a garage. Street parking is problematic and car theft not unheard of. Garages are expensive but plentiful. If you want to park for less than $15 a day, try a garage outside Manhattan and take public transportation into the city.

Car rental
Renting a car is cheaper in the city’s outskirts, and in New Jersey and Connecticut, than in Manhattan; book ahead for weekends. Companies outside New York State exclude loss/damage waiver insurance from their rates. Rental companies in New York State are required by law to insure their own cars (the renter pays the first $100 in damage to the vehicle).  You will need a credit card to rent a car in the U.S., and you usually have to be at least 25 years old. In NYC, all the car hire companies listed below will add 19.875 per cent in taxes.

Aamcar 888-500-8480, aamcar.com

Alamo 877-222-9075, alamo.com

Avis 800-230-4898, avis.com

Budget 800-527-0700, budget.com

Dollar 800-800-3665, dollar.com

Enterprise 800-261-7331, enterprise.com

Hertz 800-654-3131, hertz.com

National 877-222-9058, nationalcar.com

Thrifty 800-847-4389, thrifty.com

Make sure you read parking signs and never park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant (to avoid a $115 ticket and/or having your car towed). Parking is off-limits on most streets for at least a few hours daily. The Department of Transportation provides information on daily changes to regulations (dial 311). If precautions fail, call 212-971-0771 or 212-971-0772 for Manhattan towing and impoundment information; go to nyc.gov for phone numbers in other boroughs.


Jay C

I think aamcar.com is cheapest of all of those if you are in Manhattan.


But then you have to ask yourself... why am I driving a full size automobile? Why don't I own a SMART car? They're perfect for busy city driving - and I've even seen them equipped with bumper-car-esque armored bumpers. Perfect for NYC!

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Emily M Spammer

Thank you so much for the tips on where to rent a car. I'm going to Manhattan in a couple of weeks, and I am planning on renting a car while I'm there. I am kind of nervous about the amount of traffic and theft. I'm pretty sure that there is a garage where I can keep my car while I'm there. 

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