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Five new movies for the New Year

Here are five greatly anticipated movies that will be released in 2016. These movies are the ones you should remember, just like last year’s Veteran and Mad Max: Fury Road. By Kim Bong-seok (Popular culture critic)
By Hye Won Kim |
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A new work by the most energetic director in Korea at the moment, Na Hong-jin

All that’s known about this movie is that it deals with a strange rumor surrounding a small village in the countryside. But this new movie by Na Hong-jin of The Chaser and Hwanghae is gaining attention as he is one of the most energetic directors in Korea right now. He digs deep into the core of human nature again and again. My guess? The village in the movie probably won’t be that peaceful or slow; instead, it’ll be filthy and rotting from the inside out.
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Suicide Squad

DC Comics’ newest movie where its villains are on the front line

The world of superheroes, like Batman and Spiderman, obviously revolves around their lives. But there would be no for superheroes if there weren’t any villains. It’s hard to imagine Batman and Spiderman without the Joker or Green Goblin. DC Comics is now trying to chase after Marvel and this is what they came up with. It’s not a group of superheroes but a Suicide Squad of villains that include the Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Enchantress, Katana and Captain Boomerang. All of who will be a part of a secret government missin provided that they are granted pardons as a reward. It’s a world where good and evil are blurred; raising the question of what the true definition of a villain is.

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Warcraft: The Beginning

Potentially a new revolution for movie adaptation of games

Directed by Duncan Jones, Warcraft is an adaptation of the video game, World of WarCraft and takes place in the world of Azeroth. The anticipation that the public has for this film is high and it’s incredibly popular around the world thanks to the game. Let’s see if this movie turns out to be a new revolution for the movie adaption of games. 

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice
Movies, Action and adventure

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Can we trust our superheroes?

Although Marvel is enjoying immense popularity these days, DC Comics’ Superman and Batman are arguably the most popular superheroes. Except for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, superhero movies by DC Comics in the 21st century have been below expectations. So after Man of Steelwas released, DC put Superman and Batman together, making Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s almost like a prequel to The Justice League. Challenging Marvel’s dominance, the movie poses a rather political and philosophical question and asks if we can trust our superheroes. 

아가씨 영화
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The Handmaid

His recent works have been rather dull, but he is still Park Chan-wook

Park Chan-wook’s movies always make me curious. With the theme of salvation always underlying everything, his movies have played with people’s sins and evils. But his recent movies have been rather bland and didn’t get much attention overseas either. But his interpretation of Fingersmith, a masterpiece lesbian novel, is much anticipated. Taking place in Joseon and Japan in the 1930s, the movie features a noblewoman, who has inherited an enormous fortune; a count, who is chasing after her wealth; and a girl, who was hired by the count as a lady’s handmaid. What will transpire between all of them and how will it hypnotize the audience?

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