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Little luxuries every Seoulite deserves

Affordable and free ways to treat yourself when the two-bedroom apartment is beyond reach.

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Time Out Seoul editors

Often, small luxuries can make your life more tolerable. But Seoul, one of the most expensive cities in the world, it feels ways too easy to drain your wallet without doing a whole lot. There are ways, though, to fill your day or night with what would be considered little luxuries of the everyday with just 10,000 won, 20,000 won and for free, even. Check out this list of things you can do and buy to treat yourself without shelling out the big wons.

Enjoy these small luxuries in Seoul for free
  • Things to do

Coco Chanel once said, "The opposite of luxury is not poverty, but vulgarity.” Indeed, you don’t need money to appreciate the beauty of many things in life. You just need to look for the right events and places in Seoul to discover the small luxuries of the everyday. Perhaps you need to stretch your body through yoga while appreciating world-famous paintings, or listen to classical music at one of the renovated palaces. Whatever extravagance you seek, here are some events to rejuvenate your body without shelling out the big bucks for brand names.

Spend your 10,000 won extravagantly
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About ten years ago, there was a Korean TV show in which celebrities survived on ten thousand won for a week, challenging notions of money and value. Although we probably can’t live on just ten thousand one per week or even per day now, there are still ways to experience how much a single green bill is truly worth. Check out this essential list of things you can do and buy with just ten thousand won or less.
Treat yourself with the best bang for your 20,000 won
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Movie: 10,000 won. The "popcorn combo": 15,000 won. It just feels way too easy to drain your wallet in Seoul without doing a whole lot. There are ways, though, to fill your day with what would be considered luxuries, at only 20,000 won. You can get inspired at the master artist M.C. Escher's first exhibit in Korea, enjoy jazz shows and a cocktail at Seoul's iconic old-school clubs or, simply, indulge yourself with a juicy hanwoo burger or 3-layer high tea for two and a pâtisserie buffet with a Hangang view. If you're in a mood for partying, you can also bar hop and go clubbing under 20,000 won, and if you're in need of some serious R&R, you can check out the many high-tech rooms at an uber-swanky sauna.

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