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피규어 뮤지엄

Seoul venues to awaken your kidult soul

Museums, shops, boutiques and cafés reserved for all the lovely kid-adults in Seoul


Join kidult pilgrimage to the character shops, wonder through these fantasy stores and re-encounter your childhood best friend at these specialty cafés filled with toys, action figures and dolls. These venues will make sure to let a kidult be a kidult.

Join kidult pilgrimage to these character shops
  • Shopping
One of the sub-groups of the kidult community are those that focus on one item, one brand, or one character and become crazed maniacs about it. In Korean we politely refer to them as "odeokoo." There are a few worthy places in Seoul that are catering to these ‘maniacs’, they include the Gundam store, Marvel store, Lego store, and the two very Korean Line and Kakao Friends stores. See what kind best suits your likings.
They’ve got it all, Mega kidult markets
  • Shopping
These places don’t just offer a stress-relieving session of shopping, they will offer a thrilling experience. Going through the vast amount of shops within each complex, you have a plethora of options to choose from that suit your distinct taste. Seriously, these places will have everything you dreamt of as a child.
Wonder through these fantasy stores, kidult boutiques
  • Shopping
These boutiques are unique in the sense that, what they sell usually depends on the owner’s taste. Glancing through the shops, don’t be surprised if you find something that just completely confuses you. “Why would anyone buy that?” Don’t worry, if it’s not you, there’s going to be someone who’ll want it. From vintages Barbies to all those ‘useless’ stationery items you wanted as a child, you’ll be able to find so much more at these kidult boutiques.
Get lost in these kidult cafés
  • Restaurants
The inevitable truth is that we have grown older and will continue to do so. Some of us have already reached that age where that one gigantic football field in your elementary school, just seems so awkwardly small now. Most of the toys and dolls we used to play with are probably stored away in storage spaces or forgotten and left behind as we move on in our lives. All those fond memories you had playing make-believes at home—well, you can revive those nostalgic memories at these select kidult cafés!
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