11: A Bizarre Social Experiment

Art, Performance art
11, telok ayer arts club

Time Out says

Here's an unconventional twist to your regular theatre show where the audience themselves are the actors. Aimed to start conversations around human relationships and humanity at its essence, this performance-meets-social experiment brings together 11 different pairs using 11 different scripts to form 11 different relationships and to create 11 different stories.

The performance begins at a bar where the audiences – technically actors – are welcomed with a stiff cocktail that’s exceptionally potent and mandatory for all. Once the ice is broken, participants are led into the performance space – a “black box” – where they sit in pairs on opposite ends of 11 confessional booths. Each pair, provided with a different script, will unfold 11 intriguing storylines of city-life – each shot through a lens of truth, hope, humour, vulnerability, loss and longing.


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