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3 artists to see at Dear Painter

The latest exhibition at Sundaram Tagore Gallery features specially commissioned works by nine local and locally based artists. We speak to three of them

By Gwen Pew |
Warren Khong

Warren Khong '#087'

'This work is an advancement of my latest series, which explores the notion of materiality as an idea in painting. '#087' employs light, colour and reflection as paint, to blend different colours without actually mixing any paint. I was also investigating the use of different materials and how materiality influences my painting. This work is a result of these two threads coming together.'

Shubigi Rao

Shubigi Rao 'Fictioneering'

'The work alludes to my interest in fictive fact, half-truths and elaborate hoaxes. It’s inspired by my childhood adventures in reading history, science, and geography textbooks, science fiction, obscure folklore and nonsense verse, and being unable (or not needing to) find distinctions between them. The series glosses over as much as it claims to reveal, much like fiction and, of course, factual accounts.'

Jeremy Sharma

Jeremy Sharma 'Melatone'

'This is a continuation of my exploration of polystyrene foam [as a material]. The work depicts a section of the far side of the moon, which we never see. I obtained the data from a source that collects information from orbiters in space, then reconstructed it on the material. I’m trying to see what it means to look at an extra-terrestrial landscape through philosophical, scientific and mythological perspectives.'