Affordable Art Fair Nov 2014

Affordable Art Fair Nov 2014

‘AAF Singapore brings a new generation of collectors into the market by breaking down the barriers for new buyers,’ says fair director Camilla Hewitson.

First founded: by Will Ramsay in London in 1999, the Affordable Art Fair has since expanded to 12 other cities, including New York, Hong Kong and Singapore, where it has been held annually since 2010. This year marks the first time the fair is being held twice in a year in the city, and organisers are hoping to keep it a bi-annual affair.

Type of art: Affordable paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs. 

Price range: $100-$10,000 Highlights Artcommune Gallery (Singapore), representing Hong Sek Chern, known for her unconventional depiction of landscapes and urban-scapes; TAG Fine Arts (UK), representing David Spiller, who combines the punchy aesthetics of pop art with his own brand of expressionism; and Eyestorm (UK) representing Jacky Tsai, famous for the floral skulls he created for the late Alexander McQueen in 2008.


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