Arts in The City: We Love SINGApore

Arts in the City: We love SINGApore
Photo: Time Out Singapore
Arts in the City: We love SINGApore
Time Out Singapore

Time Out says

Those who grew up in Singapore will probably remember Singa the Courtesy Lion. Created in 2009, the friendly mascot was used for various public education campaigns in Singapore to educate the public on courtesy and graciousness – until he resigned in 2013, that is. 

To celebrate Singapore's 54th birthday, Raffles City Singapore collaborates with Singapore Kindness Movement to bring the iconic lion back. 200 of them, to be exact. In lieu of the Singapore Bicentennial, this year's 'Arts in the City: We Love SINGApore' exhibition will feature hand-painted 40cm-tall three-dimensional Singa the Lion Figurines designed by influential local personalities such as celebrity Fann Wong, pastry chef Janice Wong, award-winning filmmaker Boo Jun Feng, and President Halimah Yacob. The colourful figurines will be displayed at the first level of Raffles City Singapore. 

"I like the fact that we're using our Singa. This is something we grew up with. Since 1982, the Courtesy Lion has been associated with being kind. It evokes the image of kindness and strongly encourages us to be a kind and caring society," President Halimah Yacob said during the launch of the exhibition. "So I think the Singa lion is an appropriate theme for Arts in the City." 

If you want a piece of your favourite childhood lion, you can adopt one of the unique Singa the Lion figurines from $88. Approach Raffles City Singapore Concierge at level one during the exhibition to adopt and collect the figurine after the end of the exhibition. All proceeds will go towards the President's Challenge. 


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