Dune: A Sci-fi Art Show

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Dune: A Sci-fi Art Show
Artwork: Awaken by Kittozutto
Dune: A Sci-fi Art Show
Artwork: Arrakis by Six Degrees of Freedom
Dune: A Sci-fi Art Show
Artwork: Guild Tug by Chris Foss

Immerse yourself in Frank Herbet’s spellbinding sci-fi world and travel to the land of Arrakis as Kult Gallery comes to live with paintings, prints and virtual reality installations inspired by his best-selling novel Dune. The month-long exhibition showcases more than 15 art pieces by participating artists from across the globe, including Indonesia, Singapore and New Zealand. Come on December 2 (Sat) and geek out with other sci-fi lovers over pizza and beer for an in-depth discussion of the genre or catch a documentary screening (Dec 9) of a director's attempt at adapting the masterpiece to film.

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