#EATDRINKART Finale Art & Craft Workshop

#EATDRINKART Finale Art & Craft Workshop

#EatDrinkArt exhibition will end with an art and craft workshop by six of the contributing artists, including Marlene Chia, Pauline Ibarra and Chris and Charles from C+C&CO. The creatives will set up their own art booths, teaching the technique used for their #EatDrinkArt pieces at the workshop. Working on the theme 'Be Your Own Hero', workshop attendees will get an art kit to create their own art book. 

Each registration will allow a student from The Little Arts Academy to participate in the workshop. 11 artists' version of 'Be Your Own Hero' art books would be sold, and its proceeds will be donated to The Business Times Budding Artist Fund. Online design retailer Naiise will also curate a special set-up including works from local artists.

Register online or at the restaurant.


Event phone: 6348 6861
Event website: http://www.madnest.sg
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