Highlights of GIF Festival

Prepare to be enthralled – the first edition of GIF Festival is set to be spellbinding
GIF Festival
By Sofiana Ramli |

A pear turns into a skull, which then eats a pear that turns into a skull, which then eats a pear… this is just one of the many artworks to get lost in at the inaugural GIF Festival. Presented by Noise Singapore and the boundary-pushing urban art gallery Kult, the week-long extravaganza showcases over 50 GIFs projected onto large canvasses by aspiring multimedia wizards. We the pick the brains of seven artists on their hypnotising works.

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Eye know what you are but what am eye?
By Ho Wai Kit

“This piece was conceptualised as an exercise in digital junk art. Obscure visual objects are appropriated to create a vague sense of narrative while maintaining visual dissonance.”

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Blossom Buddies
By Adeline Tan

“Inspired by traditional phenakistoscopes, the artwork is an endless animation of peony buds blossoming. The spinning discs on the piece produce a looping imagery, similar to that of modern GIFs.”

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Radish Illusion
By Audrey Marzin

“The GIF’s about the strange transition from childhood to adulthood and it depicts a radish that’s uprooted from an imaginary land. It’s a joyful world that features repeated colours and subjects.”

By Ella Zheng Meisi

“We live in a fast-paced society and this piece represents anyone who has fallen into repression or depression or who is burned out or having a hard time in life. Go on a crazy, happy, out-of-this world psychedelic trip with this GIF. It reminds everyone that although life can be brutal, it also brings about surprising and unexpected happiness, too.”

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Into the Sun
By Siti Muzainah Bte Mohamed Ali

“The piece is an infinite loop of my interpretation of the journey to the sun. I’ve always wanted to create works using the programme Cinema 4D and this piece turned out to be my first successful one. As an avid lover of 80s flicks such as Back to the Future, this GIF is largely influenced by retro visuals.”

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Fruit Loop
By Nur Dianna Sa’ad

“The idea for this piece came about from a ‘fruit loop’ – in which a pear transforms into a skull and eats the pear which transforms into a skull and it goes on. It’s basically a looping GIF... about fruit.”

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By Gad Tan

“To me, the idea of a GIF has always been about conveying motion. Capturing the essence of motion with basic shapes that translate, transform, and spiral in a twotone space, the piece seduces you to gaze and appreciate the purity of movement.”


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