Interview: Khim Ong on her Southeast Asia Platform at Art Stage

Curator Khim Ong tells us more about her Southeast Asia Platform, entitled ‘Eagles Fly, Sheep Flock – Biographical Imprints’, which showcases a range of disciplines by artists in the region
Khim Ong
By Gwen Pew |

How many artists and works will be shown at the Platform?        

The Platform will feature more than 50 works by about 30 artists.

How did you decide whom to feature?

I’m drawn to artists whose practices have developed in interesting ways and/or have demonstrated consistently strong conceptual or material sensibilities.

Who are some of the artists we can expect, and what’s special about them?

Audiences can look forward to works that employ very diverse media and methodologies. Many works are also conceived specially for or are making their debut at the Platform. Among them are works by Gary-Ross Pastrana and Hoang Duong Cam, as well as a performanceinstallation by Zaki Razak. 

All these works, as with many other works in the Platform, exhibit a sensitivity towards contemporary society and its development, but adopt different approaches in their engagement with the topic.

What do you hope viewers can learn from the works?

The exhibition provides a snapshot of artistic practices in the region and it is my hope Walking the Wall by Angela Tiatia Exponential Taxonomies Specimen by Chong Weixin Transformation by Andrey Gorbunov that audiences, through looking at these individual practices, will walk away with a deeper appreciation of artistic processes and hopefully also gain their own insight into the development of arts in the region.