Interview: Ryan Gander

Gwen Pew talks to Ryan Gander about his artwork

‘A year ago, I gave my young daughter a small Moleskine notebook thinking she would take pride in the drawings she made in them. I was hoping that instead of having half-finished sheets of A4 strewn around, she can learn how documents and objects work together in collections.

‘To my surprise, she came back to me with the same book complete. She had not made a single mark but instead had torn, folded, cut, and punched shapes in the pages. The creative freedom her childhood naïvety had given her had produced an unexpected masterpiece.

‘The artwork “The Redistribution of Everything that is Good”, is my revisiting of that moment. My daughter’s book was scanned page by page and meticulously laid out so that the spectator can see the book as an overview – or a whole in once glance.’

Ryan Gander is at STPI Gallery from Mar 7-Apr 11.