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Journey to the Lobster Planet

  • Art, Painting
  1. Philip Colbert
    Photograph: Whitestone GalleryJOSHUA TREE Ⅱ (2021)
  2. Philip Colbert
    Photograph: Whitestone GalleryLobster Land Triptych 1/100 (2021)
  3. Philip Colbert
    Photograph: Whitestone GalleryHunt Scene II (2020)

Time Out says

Dive into Philip Colbert's fantastical lobster-filled sci-fi universe at his latest showcase, Journey to the Lobster Planet, now showing at Whitestone Gallery. This marks the London-based artist's debut solo exhibition in Singapore.

Known as the "godson of Andy Warhol," Colbert is celebrated for his hyperpop and wonderfully eclectic paintings. While this exhibit has shown in Japan, Karuizawa, and Taipei, the Singapore edition promises an insider's look at Colbert's latest masterpieces, spiced up with a collaboration featuring a Japanese art sensation.

In this series of artworks, witness lobsters engage in epic battles for the future of their underwater realm. Through these seemingly light hearted paintings, Colbert explores the relationship between modern digital culture and art history.

Mingli Seet
Written by
Mingli Seet


6223 3090
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 11am-7pm
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