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Karin Aue on her exhibition – 'G’schau'

The Vienna-born artist tells us about her solo show

Artwork: Karin Aue

Born in Vienna, Karin Aue lived and worked across Europe and Asia before arriving in Singapore three and a half years ago. Her works often portray city life with tongue-in- cheek humour – you may have seen her series of tote bags emblazoned with kopitiam drinks in plastic takeaway bags. Her upcoming solo show, entitled G’schau (it’s a Viennese slang that means ‘looking’, but also denotes the facial expression of someone looking spaced out), is a showcase of both her older pieces and the ones created since she moved to the Lion City.

‘Supper’, pictured here, is one of her favourites. ‘This piece is rather recent and it was developed from a quick sketch I did of a couple sitting at a kopitiam late at night,’ she explains. ‘What I am fascinated by are people – observing them, their behaviour and gestures, and how they interact with the world around them, especially in these small, seemingly mundane moments. Having supper in the middle of the night in a half-empty hawker centre with lots of vacant tables and chairs is exactly such a moment. There is something weirdly beautiful about it.’

Aside from the illustrations that will be displayed inside the gallery-café, Aue is also creating a mural on Artistry’s façade, so make sure to head on over for the opening reception on April 17 to see the finished work.

Karin Aue: G’schau is at Artistry from Apr 14-May 17.