Nguan: 24/7 at Sculpture Square

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Nguan: 24/7 at Sculpture Square
The local photographer displays his resulting images after spending several afternoons exploring the area around Sculpture Square

When local photographer Nguan was approached by Sculpture Square’s new curator Alan Oei – after working together for OH! Open House back in January this year – to spend a few afternoons shooting the area around the premises, Nguan took on the project without hesitation. While the resulting images (four in total) are fairly typical of his works in that they depict everyday moments in bustling cities, Nguan’s interest was piqued by the exhibition’s concept.

He’s the first artist to be featured in the gallery’s 24/7 series, which sees the photos displayed in light boxes on the outside wall of the gallery, illuminated for 24 hours every day for the duration of the exhibition.

‘As someone who keeps extremely odd hours, I love the idea that someone can visit the show at 4am in the morning,’ says Nguan. ‘I hope my work will reach and inspire a large portion of the clientele from Peace Centre’s karaoke lounges.’

Kicking off with Nguan’s photos, Oei plans to continue the 24/7 series at Sculpture Square, inviting other creatives to offer their versions of what the Victoria, Rochor, Waterloo and Bugis area is like throughout the rest of the year.



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