OH! Open House

OH! Open House
Oh! Open House
Your Touch Turns To Gold by Anthony Chin
OH! Open House
Tender Affliction by Allison Low
OH! Open House
Artwork by Kayleigh Goh

Explore the sights, sounds and history of Emerald Hill

There's more to this iconic neighbourhood than just rows of colourful and picturesque Peranakan shophouses. Lined with chic bars and eateries, Emerald Hill was formerly a nutmeg plantation site and this art walkabout by OH! Open House brings you around the precinct to uncover tales and its history during the colonial era.

Sign up for its walking tours – that's a total of three 30-minute tours and an exhibition – which lets you peek into various residents' homes to witness art installations and performances by 18 artists, including Singaporean producer Tan Kheng Hua, photographer Lenne Chai and South Korean artist Ju-Ae Park, among others.

Event website: http://ohopenhouse.org/
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