Ten local or locally-based artists are each assigned a colour and created works in their respective styles during a live drawing session

On its third year, the ‘PantoneMyArt’ series, organised by tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto, maintains its format of asking ten artists to each pick a different colour from the Pantone colour spectrum. While their themes have stayed very PG for the past two years – ‘commodity’ in 2011 and ‘nature’ in 2012 – they push the envelope and shake things up a bit this time round by bringing two nude models into the picture.

The resulting collection of works gives visitors a chance to take a delicious, colourful and voyeuristic view into the beauty of the human form. All the works were created during a live drawing session at the white-walled gallery space above Luxe Art Museum. Their task was to sit around the models – Mr E and Flo, who are both friends of, which collaborated with tcc in this project – in a circle for four hours and create works from their allotted seats, using whatever media and style they were most comfortable with.

Most of the pieces were completed on the day, except for a few that required some finishing touches after the sitting. Participating artists, who are all either locals or locally-based, include Brian Adams (who painted in leaf green), ANTZ (fluorescent pink), Billy Ma (cadmium orange), Sir Michael Culme-Seymour (porcess cyan), Rasha Eleyan (hooker green), P Gnana (lemon yellow), Gregory Burns (cadmium red), Loh Khee Yew (ultramarine), Ivan Mora (purple) and Sepi Valeriu (black). Gwen Pew


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