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Singaporean photographers to check out on Instagram

Everyone’s a photographer these days. But we pick out four who are capturing our fair city in a very different light

Darren Soh, 40

Darren Soh, 40


Who Soh picked up the camera at 14, then worked as a freelancer while completing his degree – he only become a full-time photographer in 2001. He’s best known for his architectural shots and for chronicling the lesser-seen aspects of Singapore’s cityscape (sorry, Marina Bay Sands and Merlions) in images. 

This is his favourite shot because... ‘I think one of the greatest accomplishments that any photographer can have is for his or her work to reach out to people and touch them. My lightning image (pictured above), which recently went viral, is the perfect example of this. I never knew people would react in such a vast number of ways to a photo. And that’s quite humbling.’ 


Marc Tan, 27

Marc Tan, 27


Who After spending his formative years in boarding school in Adelaide, Tan graduated with a degree in audio engineering. He now shoots interior, advertising, lifestyle and portraiture work full-time.

This is his favourite shot because... ‘This was taken in front of Adelphi Shopping Mall. I love the way the soft light between the black wall and the building hits the people smoking in front of it. This photo represents a couple of minutes in a day when people can break out of their mundane shells to, maybe, think about themselves – and not the people they may be working for.’





Who Known best for candid shots of people and the soft, pastel shades that colour his photos, Nguan ventured into the medium as a means of taking notes for film scripts he had once intended to write. For him, photography’s about form, colour and light.

This is his favourite shot because… ‘The artifice of this painted rainbow in Eunos says so much about Singapore and our calculated manufacture of dreams. I’ve used this shot on all my social media channels since 2009, and it’s since been seen by millions around the world.’ 


Yais Yusman, 23

Yais Yusman, 23


Who After completing his Diploma in Business Studies at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Yais picked up photography from his twin brother, Yafiq (@_yafiqyusman_). His architectural shots play with lines and sharp shadows, and are delivered on a moody monochromatic palette. 

This is his favourite shot because… ‘This was taken at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in one of its newly renovated spaces. Photography gives me the freedom to be myself – there are no hard and fast rules. I’m a big fan of architecture, so this perspective intrigued my eyes.’