The Sovereign Asian Art Prize

The Sovereign Asian Art Prize
The ninth edition of this Asian art prize, with Singaporean artists Boo Sze Yang and Zhao Renhui among the shortlisted finalists featured in this showcase

Founded in 2003 in Hong Kong, the Sovereign Art Foundation is a charity that raises money for disadvantaged children through art auctions. The first Sovereign Asian Art Prize was launched in the following year and raised USD40,000 ($49,925) for children in Cambodia, India, Vietnam and Mongolia, but the sum has since grown to an impressive USD4 million ($4,992,400). Over 300 entries were received for the award this year following proposals by a board of independent nominators.

The works are judged by a panel of five art experts around Asia – including Emi Eu from the Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) – who view a digital version of the works online and score them on a scale of 0 to 5. The 30 works with the highest scores are then displayed, and the judges have a chance to view them in person and go through the same scoring process again to come up with a final winner. This year, the grand prize of USD30,000 ($37,443) went to Hong-Kong-based duo MAP Office’s piece ‘Back Home with Baudelaire No 5’. A selection of the shortlisted works will be exhibited in Singapore through April (concurrently with an exhibition in Korea), before the pieces go up for auction at W Singapore – Sentosa Cove on 3 May.  Gwen Pew

Photo (detail only): by Zhao Renhui


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