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Three artworks from 'Invisible Structures'

Fantasy worlds, digital ephemera and the last village in Singapore all feature in this exhibition – Gwen Pew talks to Galerie Steph's curator Kamiliah Bahdar about her favourite works

Having enjoyed the work of young local artists Danielle Tay, Angela Guo and Jonathan Tan, Galerie Steph’s curators Stephanie Tham and Kamiliah Bahdar encouraged them to produce new pieces for an upcoming group exhibition. The curators soon realised that the trio are all interested in examining things hidden beneath the surface – hence the show’s title, Invisible Structures. Kamiliah tells us about three of her favourite works. 

Angela Guo, 26

Angela Guo, 26

‘Angela is very much a committed documentarian. This photograph is poignant and poetic in capturing the tension brought by change and loss. Shot at either dusk or dawn, the projection of light onto the antiquated structures magnifies the twilight years of this last kampong [Kampong Buangkok] in the mainland.’ 

Danielle Tay, 25
Artwork: Danielle Tay

Danielle Tay, 25

‘We like, in particular, Danielle’s “Guardian”. She has a delicate approach to form through the dramatic use of watercolour. This medium plays well with her whimsical thought process. Through both collage and watercolour, she builds fantastical worlds she discerns in the most mundane.’ 

Jonathan Tan, 27
Artwork: Jonathan Tan

Jonathan Tan, 27

‘With a background in photography and digital imaging, Jonathan has distorted the image of a wine bottle into a twisted psychedelic apparition. His work examines consumers’ relationship with e-commerce sites and questions how these online visuals are manipulated and perceived.’