Sexy Fish Bar pop-up

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Sexy Fish
Photo: Debbie Bragg

British restaurant and bar Sexy Fish marries the opulence of Mayfair with the charm of HongKong street to bring you a one-night-only extravaganza. The pop-up on March 5 is part of the restaurant's plan to unveil its new menu in three cities: London, New York and Singapore. It's flying in ingredients, glassware and special art pieces so you can experience the renowned London bar's fresh offerings without having to cross the ocean.

Expect drinks such as the Japanese Kir – a delicate mix of Falernum and Koshu Grace white wine – and the curious Neonach – a savoury serve of Hendrick’s Gin, salmon, basil, fennel and chilli oil. Also try revisited classics such as the Rocky Road Old Fashioned – buttered Chita whisky, Biscuillate, salt and chocolate.

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