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The most expensive way to live the 5Cs lifestyle

Home, house


A billionaire’s mansion on 33 Nassim Road, currently owned by the chairman of Wing Tai, is on sale for the cool price of $250 to $300 million. What does it get you? A two-storey bungalow, swimming pool and tennis court, sprawled across 85,000 square feet.

car, s45x, car plate


License plates

Never mind the cars – license plates themselves can amount to a minister’s ransom. And the most expensive one on sale now can be yours for only $388,000. The magical number in question: S45X. Yeah, we don’t get it, either.


Car park

So you’ve got your fly AF license plate. The next step is to park your Porsche in the most expensive car park in town: at the Hilton Hotel. It’ll set you back $7 an hour from 8am to 6pm (on both weekdays and weekends), after which you’ll have to fork out an additional seven bucks for entry.


Hotel room

If you guessed ‘Marina Bay Sands’, you’re right on the money. The ‘Chairman Suite’ – gotta love the name – will set you back $20,000 a night. It’s got four bedrooms and bathrooms, three balconies, two living rooms… and one baby grand piano. We kid you not.

credit card

Credit card

Excluding by-invitation-only cards, the most expensive piece of plastic you can adorn your wallet with is The American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card. To apply, you’ll need an annual income of $150,000 (which is about $100,000 more than the median gross salary of Singaporeans, including employer’s CPF contributions). And then your annual card fee is also a not-to-be-sniffed-at $535.


golf, country club

Country club

The Sentosa Golf Club takes the prize here. Membership goes for about $220,000 on a resale basis, which is insane – but at least you can take comfort in the fact that world-class golfers such as Jordan Spieth have carved the green here in tournaments like the SMBC Singapore Open and the HSBC Women’s Champions.

Update (May 17): The S45X number plate is no longer available for sale.