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The most risqué jokes from Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho
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She wants to rile people up – and we’re pretty sure she’ll succeed. Andrea Cheong picks out the most risqué jokes from the Asian-American comedian

‘Psycho’ is an apt name for Margaret Cho’s comedy tour. The Grammy- and Emmy Award-nominated comedian is known for her no-holds-barred blue humour that toes the line between gross and offensive – in other words, funny AF. Cho covers topics from police brutality to her own menstrual cycle, so expect plenty of craziness from this fearlessly funny lady. These are her best bits.

On her haters 

‘When you come at me for my body, my age or my looks or whatever, you’ve already lost the battle because you have no argument.’ 

On her jokes

‘It has a lot to do with efficacy of your shaming technique, like if you shame people well, you’re likely to be a good comedian.’

On Asian women

‘Sometimes you’ll see like a really beautiful Asian woman and she’ll be with the most f***ed-up face, broke-down, busted white man. And I’m just like, bitch are your eyes that small? We really need to call it what it really is: dick widow.’

On political correctness

‘England is where the white people begin the whitening process. White people like to tell Asian people how to feel about race because they’re too scared to tell black people.’

On Donald Trump

‘He sexualises his daughter, which is so gross to me – like who do you think you are, Woody Allen?’

On her ex-husband

‘What I brought to the marriage was a slanted vagina because that’s what Asian women have. He was really into that.’

On Asian women part two

‘With Asian women, we start off beautiful and then suddenly it’s gone. Suddenly we’re dried fish.’

Margaret Cho is at Kallang Theatre on Mar 5.


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