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The sounds of Other Sounds

Melissa Yong
Melissa Yong

Melissa Yong of Other Sounds is straight up a music geek. She’s put together gigs of such left-of-field artists as Bill Callahan and TONSTARTSSBANDHT, and this Saturday’s no different. Yong is bringing down Wilderness, an indie pop act whose twee melodies are tempered by their bleak – almost post-punk – sensibilities, for a show at BluJaz Cafe.

Before that, we got Yong to introduce to us her desert island tunes. Play it, Mel!

Lower Dens – I Get Nervous

'I should have included a more recent song from Lower Dens' latest album Escape From Evil, but this song is too good, taken from their debut album Twin-Hand Movement. These guys are criminally under-rated – one of my all-time favourite bands.

Merchandise – True Monument

'It actually took me a while to get into this album, but it’s now one of my favourites from last year. The guitars on this song are simply divine, as are the riffs in many of the tracks. And then there’s Carson Cox’s vocals – all make for a dead sexy album.'

Acid Baby Jesus – Vegetable

'I had to indulge in my love for simple, lo-fi, distorted choons. Acid Baby Jesus are a five-piece from Greece. Greece! Can you believe it!'

Useless Eaters – American Cars

'This is the opening track and the first of some serious, back-to-back, garage jams on Bleeding Moon, Useless Eaters’ latest album out on Castle Face Records (which is run by John Dwyer, Brian Lee Hughes, and Matt Jones, no less!!!). I would love to see these guys live one day.'

White Fang – Shut Up

'The lyrics to this song are gold; this whole album (the appropriately titled Full-Time Freaks) is pure, lyrical gold.'

Wing Dam – No Waiting Tables

‘I love how Wing Dam makes “extremely crunchy” work with poppy melodies. I discovered them recently on Bandcamp, and I spent about 3hrs trawling through Friends Records’ catalogue. The label seems to be a pretty DIY effort (which I love), putting out limited-run releases of local Baltimore bands. Also: they release cassettes!’

Parquet Courts – These Boots are Made for Walking

‘It’s hard to choose favourites from Parquet Courts’ discography – they’re all great. But I just love the sweet, chromatic (is that chromatic?) riff and brass section in this one. You gotta give Parquet Courts a go; I guarantee you’ll be hooked.’

Courtney Barnett – Depreston

‘Courtney has been killing it this past year and a half. I hope you didn’t miss her at Laneway Singapore in January! “Depreston” is still my favourite track off Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit.’

Twerps – Shoulders

'This is just a real sweet song on Range Anxiety, out on one of my favourite labels, Merge Records. Top album.’

The Black Ryder – Santaria

'This one has to be listened to with quality earphones! The Black Ryder are an LA-based, Australian husband-and-wife duo (ex-Morning After Girls). They put out one of my favourite albums ever in 2009: Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride – a beautifully fuzzy, slow-burning, sweet, and patient album (favourite track: "Rise"). But sadly, I can’t get around this new album the same way. “Santaria” however, is the closest that their new songs get to The Black Ryder that I fell in love with.’

Wilderness is at BluJaz Cafe on Jun 20. Get your tickets at


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