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Things Singaporean mothers say

Mother, mum
Image: Freepik

Oh, mothers. They nag at us, they annoy us and they always insist that they’re right. To show our appreciation for the special woman in our lives, we've put together some of our favourite lines that we’ve heard from our mothers while growing up (and sometimes, even ‘til today) that drove us nuts. 

‘See lah, who ask you to fall sick?’

‘Why you never help clean the house, I got children for what?’

‘You going out wearing that, ah?’

‘Where are you going? Who you going out with? Do I know them?’

‘I cook for you, clean the house the whole day… and you can’t even do this one thing for me?’

‘Did you clean your room? You call that cleaning your room?’

‘Go out with friends can, but with your mother cannot.’

‘I’m your mother, of course I’m right.’ 

And how can we not include the classic:

‘I scold you only because I love you.’

But regardless, we still love you mum. Happy Mother's Day!