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We played ‘would you rather’ with Take That

Take That

Before the boyband comes to town to play at the HSBC Women’s Champions, Andrea Cheong challenged Take That’s Mark Owen for a game of ‘would you rather’. Here's what went down.

Would you rather live in the ’90s or in the present day?

‘I’d say live now, because my kids… I wouldn’t get to see them if I [went back to] the ’90s.’

If you were 18 again and joined a reality singing competition, would you rather audition before Simon Cowell or Gary Barlow?

‘Gary Barlow. I think he’s probably a little bit kinder; he’s not quite as nasty as Simon Cowell.’

Not many might know that as a teen, you dreamt of being a professional footballer. So if you could turn back time, would you rather be an athlete or entertainer?


You’re still a football fan, though, with your favourite team being Liverpool. And since Take That is in Singapore as part of the HSBC Women’s Champions, would you rather beat Tiger Woods at golf, or captain the Reds to the Champions League finals – but lose?

‘Captain of Liverpool.’

Your love for pets is also all over the internet. Would you rather only follow celebrity animals on social media, or be followed by celebrity animals?

‘I’d like to be followed by animals – that’s quite cool. But I don’t know. Does Kanye [West] have [a pet]? I’m missing out on a whole world here. How do I find out about this?’

Final round: the music video for your single ‘Stars’, in which you wander around Berlin in an space suit, is dedicated to your children. Would you rather be stuck in that suit for the rest of your life, or live on Mars with no one but your family?

‘I’d rather be in a suit for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t want to take my family away from Earth. Although, I wouldn’t do too badly in an astronaut suit – it’s just too hot.’

Take That is at Sentosa Golf Club on March 5.


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