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We tried McDonald’s latest creation, the nasi lemak burger. Here’s our verdict

Written by
Sofiana Ramli

With all the hype surrounding McDonald’s newest addition to its menu, we just had to try it. 

While this isn’t the first time the fast food chain has served locally inspired flavours (remember the rendang beef, and salted egg yolk burgers?), McDonald’s has decided to recreate one of Singapore’s most iconic dishes – nasi lemak.

And the burger ($5.95/à la carte; $7.80/meal) comes with all the trimmings: served between semolina buns, there’s a juicy fried chicken patty, fried egg, cucumber slices, caramelised onions, and the sweet and spicy sambal sauce. The only thing missing was the ikan bilis, but we guess we’ll let it slide.  

Hands down, our favourite parts of the burger were the chicken and fried egg – they taste just like the ones you'd get from the hawker stalls. However we got too little sambal and the bread was too dry for our liking. Overall, the burger's pretty decent but we'll stick to the real deal for now. 

We also upgraded our meal for a side of criss cut fries ($3.40) and bandung McFizz ($3), and tried the coconut pie ($1.20). You definitely can't go wrong with the deep-fried potatoes but the latter two didn't quite leave an impression.

From left to right: chendol McFlurry, chendol Melaka twist, kueh salat cake and pandan coco frappe 

Sadly, we didn’t get to taste the rest of the dessert menu, including the kueh salat-inspired cake ($5), pandan coco frappe ($4.60), chendol Melaka cones ($1.20/each) and chendol McFlurry ($3). But, we’ll save our stomachs for those on another day.

Get your nasi lemak burgers today from McDonald's outlets island-wide or McDelivery.

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