Clock Opera: Poptart 8th Birthday

Clock Opera: Poptart 8th Birthday

Looking back on eight kick-ass years filled with Poptart’s monthly mix of punk, electro, rock, pop and alternative, this is definitely one milestone that calls for celebration. With a drink (or two) in hand, forget all about decorum and scream your lungs out for British indie rock band Clock Opera, as they croon crowd favourites like ‘Belongings’ and ‘Once and for All.’ With their debut album Ways to Forget released just last year, followed by gigs at the Summer Sundae festival, South by Southwest and Great Escape, they’re all set to light up the stage. Of course, also in the house will be Poptart
regulars weelikeme, Jah and Jinmart.

Men $35, women $28, includes two drinks.


Event phone: 6738 2988
Event website: