Laugh Die You – The Karaoke

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Laugh Die You – The Karaoke

The bestselling comedy series from our neighbours up north comes to Singapore, with Malaysian comedian Joanne Kam going toe-to-toe with Singapore’s Kumar and a post-hiatus Gurmit Singh, who takes the stage as a security guard who secretly just wants to be a singer.

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While there were some funny moments, the experience for me was negative due to the extremely sexist views of the hosts. The worst for me, was when the host used the chance to win a TV to get women to volunteer to come on stage. Men had been called up earlier, for a mini-dance competition, with the most enthusiastic one winning, and so the women thought their challenge would be likewise.

But no, dressed in his security guard persona and with the dominant voice of authority, he commanded them to spell out 'LAUGHS' with their butts. Some were obviously horrified by this, but could not refuse, they knew they would face a torrent of ridicule. And so this grotesque show played out. The women who wanted to get it over and done with, were made fun of and had their intelligence insulted - "You don't know 'L', what school did you go to?". The winner, as you can guess, fitted caricature of women that should be a century old. She obeyed his every order, being objectified and degraded, putting on a show for him and the men the audience. I have to admit though, her highly sexualised grinding, repeating the letter 'S' over and over to his barks of "AGAIN!" and "AGAIN!" was a bit funny. The reason though, she was doing it backwards... But that didn't seem to matter.