Void Deck Festival 2015

Art works, music, and performances in the heartlands
Void Deck Festival
By Gwen Pew |

Fostering the community spirit in the heartlands, the Void Deck Festival is back with more art works, music and performances. Gwen Pew finds out more from festival director David Cheong.

What are a few activities primed for the Void Deck Festival?

This year’s festival will be bigger and better! For the January edition [there are another two later this year], our focus is on youths. Our artists present installations that invite participants to collaborate in the creation of an artwork. A few artists who were involved in the last festival return this year to present new works of visual and audio arts. We are particularly excited about a performing arts piece staged at the void deck.

What are you doing differently this time around?

This year, we intend to present three festivals. The one in January focuses on the ‘inside/ outside’ experience of living in an HDB estate. Participants can expect to play a part in making and experiencing art that deals with our day-to-day experiences living within the typical housing environment. These experiences are often overlooked, and that is where art helps us to appreciate and celebrate them.

Why did you decide to hold more than one edition in 2015?

Because there are so many void decks to celebrate! We conceived this festival as an event that allows young artists to interact and share the arts with residents in a space that is common to us all. We want to bring the festival to different void decks so more people can make art with us. The June or July edition will focus on families, while the September one is centred on senior citizens.

What do you hope to achieve with the Void Deck Festival?

Through interactive and participative art, we hope to bring people together to celebrate a space that is used by many.

Void Deck Festival is from 2-6pm at Blk 842 Tampines St 82 on Jan 31.