As You Were

SGIFF - As You Were

Dir: Liao Jiekai. 2014. Singapore. 92 mins. English, Mandarin and Malay with English subtitles.

Local filmmaker Liao Jiekai’s sophomore feature is a heartfelt and tranquil tale that follows a pair of childhood pals whose decades long friendship blossoms into a romance.

Why watch it ‘His first film (Red Dragonflies) dealt with the idea of memory and loss, and this one deals with the same themes. His films capture the sense of space and time in Singapore in the way he composes his shots and structures his films. It’s also a little more experimental. He layers the story in a way where three stories are going on at the same time, so you flit in between different time periods. It’s almost like the past never quite goes away – it’s always a part of our lives.’

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