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Five things to know about Jurassic World

Before you get scared shitless by the larger-than-life roars of prehistoric creatures, Benita Lee extracts a couple fun facts about 'Jurassic World'

Photo: Universal Pictures

1) Chris Pratt takes over Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum from previous instalments as the macho man of the hour. And – don’t freak out – he plays a Velociraptor trainer at the sleek Jurassic World theme park. Who knew those snarling bastards could be tamed? Now we can’t get the image of puppy-like raptors with wagging tails vying for attention out of our minds.

2) Don’t expect the original cast to return – after all, most of them were chewed up and spat out by the dinos back in 1993. And the rest presumably ran as far as they could from any carnivorous creature. Except for BD Wong, who bravely returns as geneticist Henry Wu (and somehow manages to look the same, even though it’s been 22 years).

Also making a reappearance is Mr DNA, the animated educator who taught us how cloning works. Of course, you can count on good ol’ T-Rex and the raptors, too. RAWR!


3) The Jurassic World official site is so awesome, it makes all our dino dreams come true. From park cameras that give you glimpses of each arena to a park map to in-depth info on the 18 types of species in existence, it’s ridiculous how much you can explore before the film actually hits theatres.

God knows the number of hours we spent poring over every detail of the park, wishing all of it were real (minus the part where beasts use kids as toothpicks).

4) Starring alongside Pratt is Bryce Dallas Howard, the lady in charge of operations, who insists on creating a new species to entice tourists (because regular ones aren’t enough). She obviously didn’t read the memo that warned against using guests as food for the attractions. You know, dwindling visitor numbers and all that. Has no one learnt from the mistakes of John Hammond?


5) Created in the sterile labs of InGen, the hybrid dinosaur takes on the name of Indominus Rex (meaning ‘fierce or untamable king’). It’s a genetic cocktail of Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops and Giganotosaurus, mixed with traces of snakes and, um, cuttlefish. Perhaps so it can jet out a cloak of camouflage.

But from what we can tell so far, it’s got razor sharp claws, a roar as loud as jet engines, crazy fast running speeds, and an insatiable appetite. Case in point: it ate its own sibling, then ripped out its tracking device to flatten the premises. Oh, and it apparently communicates with other dinosaurs to do its bidding. Think T-Rex, but way more fearsome.

Jurassic World is in cinemas from Jun 11.