Project Dada

Dakota Cresent
Photo: Lai Jason

Hanging on the fringes of the city, Dakota Crescent is a neighbourhood whose history stretches back to the ’50s. But because this is Singapore, where beauty comes before age, the estate is set to go under the bulldozer. Residents have until the end of 2016 to make their final preparations.

At this event, you can say goodbye to the neighbourhood, too. Project Dada is a film and photography exhibition that pays tribute to the place and the people who live there. Two movies will be screened: Miss Dakota personifies the district as an ageing lady, who takes the audience on a tour of ‘her’ sights and sounds. And Heartland is a love letter penned to Dakota Crescent – its director Mark Chua had spent part of his childhood within its grounds.

Besides the pair of flicks, there’s also a photo exhibition featuring shots taken by students from schools around the Dakota ’hood. Strange buildings, time-worn interiors and playgrounds unique to the area are among the subjects depicted in the nostalgic display.

Project Dada is at #01-11 Blk 10 Dakota Crescent

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