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3 tips to nail your hawker #foodporn

Food stylist and photog Elodie Bellegarde on nailing that #foodporn shot with a smartphone

Look for the light

‘Natural light is your best friend, especially in a hawker centre. Find a table nearer to the light or a window and snap away. You can also play with shadows if you want a moodier or more artistic feel to your photos. Avoid shooting under spotlights and artificial lights – it makes the food look unappetising and lacking in texture.’

Stand up! 

‘The top-down shot is the best angle when shooting with your smartphone. There’s so much you can do with a phone camera. Properly position your camera over your dish to get a good overhead shot, and play with different compositions. Sometimes, less is more, so you don’t always have to try to squeeze all your plates in the same picture.’

Get a little help from your friends

‘Use their hands to model. A little bit of action in a shot adds a nice, lively touch to a photograph. It also portrays the vibrancy and liveliness of our hawker centres. Add a little caption to the scene when you share it on Instagram or Twitter and continue to spread the joy of photography and food!’

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