Interview: Ivar de Lange

Three things to know about the bartender of Demain from the Netherlands
Ivar de Lange
By Natasha Hong |

He started bartending at 15 at the Van der Valk hotel in Amsterdam. ‘People who came to my bar were at first sceptical and made jokes about my age and height (I was very small back then) but I had to compensate for my inexperience with perfect service and hospitality,’ he explains. ‘After a couple of months, I started to get my first regulars.’

He has a Masters in medical psychology. While bartending is his true love, he enjoys studying psychiatry as a science and plans to pursue a PhD. ‘I never tell my customers,’ says de Lange. ‘I found out that by telling them, they’d come back weekly for a consultation – the bar isn’t the best place for that.’ Oops!

Why you’ll like his drinks. ‘I always aim for a well-balanced drink,’ he says. ‘Cocktails made by me don’t have too many ingredients, but a lot of depth and flavour. And they’ll always be a bit quirky and fun to drink!’

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