Interview: street food chef Will Meyrick

Will Meyrick cooked his way from London to Sydney before planting roots in Indonesia with three celebrated restaurants: Sarong and Mamasan in Bali, and E&O in Jakarta

Photo: Michael Perini

Why Indonesia?

I like to go where I find the most interesting food – the whole point of cooking for me is to learn the culture. Indonesia is pretty untouched when it comes to culinary exploration, and many people haven’t tasted the influences from Indian, Arabic and Chinese culture.

What do you think you add to Asian cuisine?

I’d like to think that I’m turning authentic local cuisine into a cooler and more fun culinary experience. People now know about authentic Asian food; it gets talked about on social media and people travel a long way to try it. I hope to open up the gate wider for more people to learn how rich Asian culture is, and inspire younger chefs that don’t have the chance to go to cooking school and give them opportunities to learn more and go international.

What can we expect at your appearance here?

Cooking authentic dishes that are close to our hearts, with the best and freshest ingredients, is always something I look forward to. Diners can expect a truly authentic experience and join us on a travel adventure through the sense of taste. Try Will Meyrick’s lunch sets ($38/four courses, $78/seven courses) at Longtail Asian Brasserie & Bar from Apr 15-18.

Try Will Meyrick’s lunch sets ($38/four courses, $78/seven courses) at Longtail Asian Brasserie & Bar from Apr 15-18.