Kueh Appreciation Day

Kueh Appreciation Day
Black herb kueh
Kueh Appreciation
Sausage bean kueh
Kueh Appreciation
Yi buah
Kueh Appreciation
Mary's Kafe's coconut candy

The Slow Food Convivium Society of Singapore, a group dedicated to the appreciation of fine cuisine and good company, pays tribute to the snack cakes of Singapore's Eurasian, Hainanese, Hokkien, Teochew, Peranakan and Indian cuisines. The one-day event presents diners an opportunity to get stuffed on the kuehs put out by stalls like HarriAnn's, Hainan Xiaochi and Chat Masala, and watch how traditional Eurasian cakes are made by Mary's Kafe at a demonstration session ($12). 

Kueh Appreciation Day is organised as part of the Singapore Food Festival 2015. 

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