Searing Hot Valentine's Day

Sear - PIRA grilled Canadian tenderloin
Sear - seasonal oysters

You won't run out of Valentine's Day dinner options, but head down to Sear for a sprawling view of the Marina Bay to go with your three-course dinner. 

Whet your appetite with a choice of seasonal oysters, sweet corn soup, or grilled hokkaido scallop with foie gras. For mains, there's the Spanish rice stew with Canadian lobster and chorizo, but if you're on the hunt for meat, opt for the PIRA grilled Canadian tenderloin in red wine sauce. Get the marshmallow and double chocolate mud cake for a rich sweet ending, or opt for the raspberry souffle if you'd rather keep things light.

And if you're in the mood to party, listen up. Couples get complimentary entry to Empire's Valentine's Day Traffic Light Party with every order of the Valentine's Day menu.

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