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Beam Suntory
Photograph: Beam Suntory

How to put together an easy beach picnic in Singapore – best drinks, food, and locations

Tips to throwing together a beach picnic effortlessly

Time Out Singapore in partnership with Auchentoshan

Everyone enjoys a beach picnic, especially when it's a sunny day out. You’ve got your quaint wicker basket, checkered picnic rug, and plenty of eager friends to bring along. All you’ve got left is to settle the food and drinks. But there’s no need to rely on hastily-mixed drinks poured in red Solo cups, especially when you’ve packed a bottle of Auchentoshan’s new Sauvignon Blanc – a limited edition single malt with refreshing notes of white wine. 

All you’ve got to do after is to head over to one of the best beach picnic spots in Singapore. With blue skies and good company, you’re all set. Just make sure to also bring along a full picnic basket for a truly unforgettable day. Read on to discover useful tips on how the newly-launched limited edition Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc helps elevate any beach picnic. 

Best food to bring on a beach picnic

For a beach picnic, you’ll want something that’s tasty but also an easy one-biter. This is when a platter of savoury sandwiches is bound to be a sure-fire hit. Consider fillings like chicken mayo, egg salad, or even a simple ham and cheese. These are popular sandwiches for good reason – they don’t get soggy fast and hold up relatively well. If you want to elevate your beach picnic, lobster rolls are also easy to whip up on the spot (make sure to store your lobster in a cooler box) and will make for a delectable treat while you’re soaking in panoramic beach views.

Photograph: Beam Suntory

Another tried-and-tested favourite is a charcuterie and cheese board. You wouldn’t want anything too overpowering though, so choose mild cuts like prosciutto or mortadella, alongside cheeses like gouda, aged cheddar, and brie. This all goes amazingly with Auchentoshan’s Sauvignon Blanc, a single malt that’s satisfying for all whisky lovers. Since it’s matured in Sauvignon Blanc casks, it also has hints of green grapes, honey, and lemon – making it a classic pairing with cheese.


Other simple fare you might want to cram into your picnic basket could also include a pasta salad, hummus and veggie sticks, or if you’re feeling adventurous – you could even put together a DIY taco spread. There’s nothing more satisfying than tucking into fresh seafood, like a crispy fish taco, when you’re right by the beach.

Best drinks on a beach picnic

Knowing Singapore, it’s likely that your beach picnic will be on a swelteringly hot day. Of course, we’ll enjoy basking in the sun, but we’ll need to stay cool with a good drink in hand. Fresh juices, iced tea, and a fruity punch – these are all solid options for us to keep hydrated.

Photograph: Beam Suntory

You already know which drink we’ll want at our next picnic. A bottle of Auchentoshan’s new Sauvignon Blanc, for sure. This comes with a burst of citrus and apple flavours, infused with the award-winning single malt whisky we know and love. It is best served chilled though, so make sure to bring along an esky, cooler box, or even an ice bucket for the fresh flavours to come through. Put in the extra effort and serve up the drink with sliced green apple – it makes for an attractive garnish, and it’s one drink that all your friends are sure to lap up.

Best locations for a beach picnic

Photograph: Hanson Lu/Shutterstock

Now that you’ve got your food and drinks sorted, you’ll need to know exactly where the best locations are for a beach picnic. While these are the best beaches in Singapore, our personal favourites are Sentosa’s Tanjong Beach for its picturesque waterfront views, Lazarus Island for its quiet but sandy white beaches, and ever-popular East Coast Park for its easy convenience. You can also consider heading down to Changi Beach Park, if you’re seeking a spot that’s not swarmed by crowds – there’s a certain kampong feel to this particular beach.

Enjoying Auchentoshan’s Sauvignon Blanc on a beach picnic

Planning a beach picnic doesn’t have to be taxing – once you’ve sorted out your food and drinks, it’s all about having fun in the sun. And since we’re all about trying novel experiences, bring along a bottle of Auchentoshan’s newly-launched limited edition Sauvignon Blanc with you on your next picnic. No doubt that your friends will thoroughly enjoy it, since although it’s a single malt whisky with an alcohol content of 47 percent, it’s also equal parts refreshing and unique.

Photograph: Beam Suntory

In bringing together single malt whisky and wine, this makes for a truly delightful pour with subtle hints of white wine. Thanks to its triple distillation and ageing in sauvignon blanc wine casks, this whisky comes in a tempting pale-gold hue that almost reminds us of a nectar.  Savour it on your tongue – you’ll notice a zesty infusion of green grapes, acacia honey, and lemon curd. The aromatic notes of grapefruit and peaches come through strongly too. 

You can pick up a bottle at The Whisky Distillery for $218.

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