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10 ways to up your hair game in 2017

Switch up your look and locks with these trendy hairstyles for both the ladies and the gents
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The low pony, Beijing 101 ladies

The low pony

Wanna change up your hair but not ready to chop it all off? Take inspiration from the runways and slick your long tresses into a low pony – and you thought you’d never tie your hair up in a ponytail again after graduating from junior college. Knot it at the nape with an elastic band and dress it up with, that’s right, a belt. Not the usual stole-from-your-dad leather belt, mind you. We’re talking fabric belts, secured with one end hanging lower than the other. Top tip: that ribbon you saved from Christmas will do the trick.

AS SEEN ON: New York Fashion Week 2017, Tibi’s Spring-Summer Collection
Short layered lob, Beijing 101 ladies

Short layered lob

This wavy, windswept style turns that awkward ‘growing-out-the-bob’ phase into a chic shoulder-length ’do for all you wash-and-go types. Get your stylist to add a few layers and you can achieve these coveted beachy waves without having to cab down to Sentosa. It works with both thick and thin hair, although the latter could do with some hairspray to hold the waves and create textured tips. To further contour and complement your face shape, try balayage and ombre colours with this hairstyle.

AS SEEN ON: Alexa Chung 

Shaggy middle-parting fringe, Beijing 101

Shaggy middle-parting fringe

Trends are fickle, so it’s no surprise that the iconic Brigitte Bardot fringe from the swinging ’60s is making its way back into fashion, this time with a textured look (achieved with a smear of pomade rubbed on the ends). This vision-obstructing fringe stops right above your eyes, but is parted in the middle so you can at least peer through. It’s a low-maintenance style that’s also incredibly versatile – if you’re not feeling the centre parting, just sweep the fringe to the side or pin it back.

AS SEEN ON: Chloë Grace Moretz and Brigitte Bardot

Micro blunt bangs, Beijing 101

Micro blunt bangs

Any girl would agree that getting bangs is a decision not to be taken lightly. Yet these micro bangs, otherwise known as ‘baby bangs’, raise the stakes even higher. Micro bangs can either be cut blunt or choppy, but they’re almost always edgy. Just like you. While this style does look easy to DIY at home, it’s best to leave this to an experienced stylist. However, if your baby bangs turn out to be an epic mistake, it’s all good. Remember: it’ll grow back.

AS SEEN ON: Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Beyoncé (albeit short-lived) 

Classic with a twist, Beijing 101

Classic with a twist

Bring out the bobby pins – you’re gonna need plenty for this one. There’s no need to head to the salon; this style works across all hair lengths and can be kept as sleek or messy-chic as you’d like. Just pull back a section of hair at both temples, smoothen it out with a brush, twist it at the back of your head, and secure with a bunch of bobby pins. Double points if your pins are all hidden from view.

AS SEEN ON: Caroline Herrera’s Spring/Summer 2017 in New York Fashion Week

Beijing 101

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Shaved hard part line, Beijing 101

Shaved hard part line

The shaved hard part line is the 2017 equivalent of a man bun: they come in lots of variations, everyone can have one, but a badass vibe is required to really carry it well. The trend’s still in its early days and has yet to acquire a proper name, but hitting up Google with ‘hard part haircut’ or ‘line in haircut’ to show your stylist should do the trick. The drawback? The shaved hair grows back quickly, so frequent touch-ups are needed.

AS SEEN ON: Zayn Malik and David Beckham

Bowl cut with shaved back, Beijing 101

Bowl cut with shaved back

High chance you’re getting unpleasant childhood flashbacks of mushroom-looking heads now, but don’t diss this style beloved by mums just yet. This ’90s bowl cut has been spotted on the runways one too many times this season, signalling a revival, albeit done in a high-fashion, devil-may-care way. The jury’s still out on this one.  

AS SEEN ON: Lanvin’s Fall/Winter 2017 in Paris Fashion Week 

Medium curly with bald fade, Beijing 101

Medium curly with bald fade

For the uninitiated, ‘fading’ is a technique applied on both sides of the head to create a gradual change of hair length from the bottom up. It’s a staple among folks in the military, but tweak it a little and you’ll be left with an on-point ’do: go for a choppy medium-length top (it works best if you have natural curls), finger comb a dab of pomade, and you’re good to go.

AS SEEN ON: Justin Bieber during his Purpose era

The long middle part, Beijing 101

The long middle part

Another #throwback style making its rounds on the runways is the controversial middle part long fringe that Ashton Kutcher was once so fond of. Unlike the reinvented bowl cut, this style looks as though it’s been transported to the present straight from your dad’s teenage days. It’s best paired with a big dose of swagger, because you’re sure gonna need it.

AS SEEN ON: Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2017 in Milan Fashion Week 

Mid-length ‘70s hair, Beijing 101

Mid-length ‘70s hair

As we bid adieu to the man bun, the dudes who’ve painstakingly grown out their luscious locks for that sole purpose will be glad to know that mid-length, shaggy, unwashed hair is still on point – celebrities and big fashion houses still look fondly upon it. Sure, it may resemble the ladies’ ‘short layered bob’ but, hey, androgynous styles are totally in these days.

AS SEEN ON: Avan Jogia

Beijing 101

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*Ten lucky winners will be selected.


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