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Cristalle de Paris
The already fair Celine Asril tries a white treatment

I am Team Sparkleskins, so when I read about this non-invasive 30-minute treatment that promised fairer skin, I leapt to it.

The treatment is administered in a small but ostentatiously decked-out room furnished with European silks, Mandarin anatomical posters and Arabian-style crystal tea sets. This confusing mish-mash of styles begins to make sense when you learn Cristalle de Paris (CdP) counts the royal families of Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia’s first family as long-time clients.

Feeling rather special, I took my place on the bed while the beautician began by removing my makeup. The special feeling went away very quickly with each swipe of stiff gauze; this discomfort was thankfully over soon enough, and a soothing layer of freshly concocted organic serum infused with essence of pearl was brushed on.

Soon after, the beautician smothered a layer of the mild, milk-coloured liquid onto my face, left it to settle for what felt like five minutes, and then put another layer on. Unfortunately, she gave no explanation of what was happening, but her swift and quiet movements allowed me to doze off to the muzak that was being piped through the room. Just as I was drifting off into REM sleep, I was jerked awake to the serum being wiped off with another round of stiff gauze – they really need to rethink this part of the process.

Another layer of moisturiser slathered on and a quick head-and-shoulder massage later, and I was done. I walked away, noticing in the salon’s walls of mirrors that I looked slightly fairer, and that my skin was neither red nor irritated – moreover, when I got back to the office later, my colleagues remarked that I looked younger and fresh-faced. Success!

Now, if only Edward was here to pay for my transformation.

This story first appeared as ‘Shady Characters: NPC In-Nano Whitening Treatment’ (Aug 2010).


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