Mountain Biking Camp

Mountain Biking Camp

Turning Singapore into a ‘car-lite’ city is all that you hear in the news these days, so maybe it’s a good idea to brush the dust off your old bicycle and hit the road. But if you want to turn biking into a weekend activity with the family, make sure that your kids, too, are up for the task.

This is where Sports Camps Australia’s (SCA) Mountain Biking Camp comes in handy. Held at the Centaurs Sports Park along Turf Club Road, this mountain bike training camp focuses on better riding techniques and overcoming rugged terrains and obstacles, and caters to kids from ten all the way to 18.

Leading the camp is Australian mountain biking pro, Michael Brown, who will literally steer your kids off the beaten track and straight through the challenging jungle trail – and what a trail it is. The 1.6-kilometre route runs through thick vegetation around Bukit Timah, complete with flora-covered ravines on either side and a small river that runs through the middle of it all. Once finished, participants will walk home with a Nike SCA tee, a special SCA silicon wristband and a participation certificate to prove that you have survived the off-road training. Hoo-ah

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