Cockpit: Debut Album Release

Music, Pop and rock

These are boys who take their rock 'n' roll with a big dose of humour. Cockpit are a 'theatrical metal band' – their words, not ours – that mix chugging riffs with deliciously satirical and self-aware lyrics. Just check out the Singlish-ified title of their debut album: 'Four Horsemen Riding in the Sky (Behind Got Sun)'. We've even heard that the band lug fans (the cooling kind) to their live sets, to complete the hair-blowing-in-the-wind look de rigueur of heavy metal acts. Cockpit are launching the album on June 13 at Hood Bar & Café, so pop by and rock out with your you-know-what out.

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Caught these guys a few times, even played Baybeats a few years ago. They brought electric fans, giant inflatable dice, a giant blinking rooster sign... kind of like The Flaming Lips crossed with Iron Maiden lol. Will definitely be there \m/,


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