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Interview: Sigma

Sarah Quek speaks to Joe Lenzie of the EDM duo, Sigma, ahead of their set at FMFA 2015


Rubbing clean the grime of jungle is Sigma, a duo that prefers smooth, almost-liquid drum ’n’ bass to downand- dirty Amens. Last year saw the pair – Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie – scale to the top of the UK charts with ‘Nobody to Love’, a single featuring an unmistakable sample from Kanye’s ‘Bound 2’. We speak to Lenzie ahead of their set here.

We’re excited to have Sigma in Singapore! What can your fans here expect from your set?

We’re going to play all of our tracks and a few remixes. It’s going to be a live show with lights and fun stuff. We’ll be bringing on a party and hopefully you guys will enjoy it.

Any expectations of the EDM crowd here?

We don’t really know what to expect! We are just looking to come play some music and have a good time.

How you guys end up reworking the Kanye track?

We loved the main hook so we just took it and reworked it into something we could play in our DJ sets. It basically took off from there, and we completed the track in two days.

Any artists you guys are dying to work with?

We’re not looking to remix anything right now as we are working on our original material. But we’ll love to work with someone amazing like Jay-Z.

How has Sigma contributed to drum ’n’ bass?

I think our music has helped drum ’n’ bass to reach a wider audience and introduced more people to this style of music. It’s good to see this happening around the world. It’s very rare that this has actually happened and we are proud of what we’ve achieved.

What are your future plans?

We’ve got an album coming out in July, so there’s also going to be lots of new material and we hope you guys will appreciate that. The album will be an extension of what we’ve done over the past few years. It’s going to be cool!


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