Lomography Blue Hour Sessions

Lomography Blue Hour Sessions

To shed some light on Singapore's growing music scene, the Lomography Society will be bringing together local bands and graphic artists under a lomography camera to create trippy EP artworks, while the bands will be experimenting with acoustic percussive instruments for a newer, edgier sound. Catch this 6-part sensory collaboration at their live gigs, which will feature bands like Tiramisu, Ellipsis and Astreal, with artwork from the likes of StudioKALEIDO and Syndicate. The bands’ limited release EPs will be launched at each Blue Hour Session and up for grabs at $10, coupled with an exhibition of the artwork. This month's event sees collabs between Pleasantry and FROMPAMM, ANECHOIS, Izyanti Asa'ari and Wu Jun Han, and Ellipsis and Ban-Fam.

See our feature story as we speak with some of the collaborators of Lomography Blue Hour Sessions.


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