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Rahul Kukreja

Survival Tips for Future Music Future Asia

Livescape director Rahul Kukreja tells Sarah Quek how to make the best of the fest

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Time Out Singapore editors

1. This might sound weird: bring along an extra pair of boxers, socks, t-shirts… oh, heck – a whole set of fresh clothes! It sucks to be caught in the rain at the festival, but if you do, it’s always good to know you can enjoy the moment and then change so you don’t fall ill.

2.Wear running or gym shoes. I don’t get why or how people wear really thick – or even worse, formal – shoes to festivals! I wear the lightest possible shoes known to mankind. My current faves are the Nike Free running trainers. I’m on my feet about 20 hours a day during festivals, and these work the best.

3.Bring the usual stuff. Wet wipes, an extra pair of contact lenses, power banks and cash. Even though we have a credit card and RFID system in place, having spare cash while you walk by the merch tent is always a good idea.

4. If possible, try and plan your transport to and from the festival beforehand. Yes, we provide shuttle buses for ticket holders. But planning your routes and timings makes everything that much smoother.

5. Once you get in with your friends, pick out a spot near a landmark. So, if anyone gets lost, runs out of cellphone juice, and so on, you guys will have a place to meet. My suggestion would be the Food Village – we’ve got a nice chillout area there.

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