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52 Weeks of #ExcitingSG: Week 24 with the Sam Willows

The Sam Willows
The Sam Willows

Welcome to Time Out Singapore's 52 Weeks of #ExcitingSG – our commitment to showing you the best of what's going on in the city this week. Every Monday, a guest writer who's "in" with the scene shares a recommendation on what to see, eat, do or buy in the city. This week, we chat with the Sam Willows who have recently released their sophomore album I Know But Where, and are set to take the stage at Hyperplay this weekend.

Hi guys! First thing's first: What gets you excited about Singapore?
Jon: Food.

Congrats on the sophomore album! Three years in the making, how is this different from the first album?
Jon: We had more fun doing this album, and also it took a way longer time.
Ben: The songs in this record all come from more uncomfortable places - musically, emotionally, physically (it was very cold in Sweden), and so the challenge bore a different kind of fruit in the end. Way tastier, in my opinion.

What's the inspiration behind creating pop hits like Keep Me Jealous, Save Myself and Papa Money?
Jon: I think inspiration comes from everywhere. For us, it’s all about different life experiences, and coming together to write a song about it.
Ben: Some people say pop songs have a science and structure to them, and they aren't wrong – it’s a lot easier to judge a pop song. But at the end of the day, all music needs truth, and it’s our duty to speak our truths, even if it’s through a 3:30 radio single.

You're set to take on Hyperplay in August, what's your secret behind prepping a performance?
Jon: Lots of rehearsals, occasional cybercafe sessions, and snacks.
Ben: Making mistakes - it’s the only way you get to learn. Dare to make them, and make them in the right places (rehearsals). We’re always learning.

If you could swap music genres and step outside your comfort zone for a day, which would it be?
Jon: Hip-hop. I want to be Joe Flizzow for a day.
Ben: I need to learn contemporary jazz before I die.
Sandra: Musical Theatre

Any thoughts on Singapore's music scene?
Jon: It’s growing, and I'm really excited to see what's to come.
Ben: We and everyone else could be doing a lot more to get it to a healthier place. But I think we should be damn proud of what it is today.
Sandra: We’ve come a long way since 6 years ago.

How can we get people to be more excited about local music?
Jon: Listen to more Singapore-made music! There're loads of good artists like Charlie Lim, Sezairi, Yung Raja – the list just goes on!

What are you looking forward to in the next coming weeks?
All: Meeting CL!